The topic of self-care is getting more and more attention these days and I must say, I am all for it! As we get older, we forget to give ourselves time. We tend to stack too many things on our plate. We plan and schedule in order to meet all the things on our list and at the end of the day, we feel tired. Of course, it is necessary to make time for our families, jobs, friends, the errands we need to run, and all of our other responsibilities, but what about taking time for yourself? With all the things going on in your life, sometimes it can be easy to forget about yourself. This post will focus on giving some of that precious time to the most important person in one’s life, which is, you guessed it… YOURSELF. So here are some self-care tips to help you start off this routine of indulging in yourself:
Our bodies require rest. It is a given, but we forget. Try to get an adequate amount of sleep so you can feel fully functional the next day. Sleep allows your body to heal and rejuvenate. Without it, you’ll feel exhausted and weak. Waking up early can also help you feel invigorated. Having an early start to the day may help you feel more productive with your time knowing that you have the whole day ahead of you. When I was younger, I loved waking up late, but now it makes me feel like I wasted most of the day. Waking up earlier allowed me to feel better about my health and more confident about how I manage my time.
In addition, I recommend starting and ending your days slow. For example, start your day off with that cup of coffee, water with lemon, or tea. Maybe take a step outside, breathe in the fresh air of a new day. Listen to music and slowly start your routine. Rather than rushing out of the door in the morning, try putting that extra effort to wake up early in order to give yourself enough time to start your day slow. And of course, be present and mindful.
Exercise is important for your health. You hear it from doctors. You hear it everywhere. Understandably, it might not be something everyone looks forward to, but at the end of the day spending the time to care for your health and body makes it all worth it. Sometimes it just takes a little change of perspective to start truly appreciating the process of exercising. Do it for the right reasons. Do it for you, for your body, and for your health. Whether you choose to move your body by taking a walk around the block, going to the gym, dancing in your living room, or taking that Zumba class – just start somewhere. Try different things and find out what you enjoy then take it from there. Challenge yourself and keep at it.
I’ve been trying this tip out for the past few months and I don’t regret it (although it is difficult). This means no social media, no emails, no television, no phones. The amount of time to unplug is up to you, but when you are unplugged try to do something for yourself. Take this time to do something you love, something that will fill your soul. You can work on a hobby, write, read, play some music, dance, meditate, really anything! Just make this time for you. Take the rest of the world out of it, just for a bit. Being on social media and watching television can be draining. We tend to gravitate towards these things to pass the time, but that is not being mindful. Take this time to focus on yourself and what you love. Grow and learn more about mind, body, and heart.
I have to remind myself that self-care doesn’t always have to be a solitary activity. Making time to meet with important people in your life will always help you feel good. Have the topic of discussion be positive. Talk about goals, any achievements, memories, trips you want to plan, anything and everything that will boost your mood. Being with someone you love and trust allows you to remember the importance of connection. Meeting with my friends and family never fails to remind me that I have a place in the universe.
I think at this point we all know that self-care depends on the individual. You can pamper yourself in many ways. My idea of a self-care pampering night would be applying a face mask, painting my nails, reading a book, and listening to music. This process relaxes me and also helps me feel good knowing that I’m taking time to treat myself. Maybe get a haircut, change your hair color, shave, buy a new pair of shoes, buy yourself flowers, open that bottle of wine, or get a massage. My point is to indulge in yourself. This goes for men and women. Blow off some steam by taking time to treat yourself because, hey, you deserve it.
Those are some of my tips for self-care! I hope after reading this post you’ll find time for yourself and do something that lights your soul on fire. Thank you for reading. I’ll see you in the next blog post.
Yours Truly,
Michele Datu

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Michele Datu
Michele is a content writer for The Wellness Institute (Wellness-Spring). She graduated from UC Berkeley in the Spring of 2018, and holds a bachelor's degree in English. While attending UC Berkeley, Michele created a project titled: "From a letter to" which is a collection of stories and photos to express her love and passion for writing and photography. Michele believes that incorporating holistic habits in one's lifestyle is important. During her first year in college, Michele took a health class about alternative medicine and holistic health. This class opened her mind because it focused on the importance of listening to our body. She learned that even though medication and drugs can minimize pain, physically or mentally, sometimes the problem has a deeper root that needs special attention.