Many of us view the New Year as a time for change and growth. We’ve learned…and now it is time to blossom. This month’s post will urge you to focus on what the New Year truly means to you and how to tackle those New Year resolutions with a mindful approach. 

So let’s get the ball rolling! Here are some of my tips for de-stressing and reflecting before the New Year begins.

1) Remember the Moments that Brought You the Most Happiness This Past Year.

Ask yourself: “What made you feel alive?”, “What made you feel like you were okay, even for a little bit?”, “What made you feel like everything will be fine?” ~ Think of these moments and smile. Relax your face muscles, relax your body. Recall these moments and take a mental note of why you think you felt good. Was it the people you were with? The place or smell? Maybe it was the food? It could be the smallest thing. Just remember why you felt the way you did. Somehow bring those moments back into the world by speaking of them and/or writing them down. I recommend even writing it down in a journal or telling someone you love. These precious moments are ones worth remembering!

2) Resolutions!

Of course, resolutions don’t have to be specific to just the New Year…creating goals can happen all year round! But of course, the New Year is the most popular time to make goals for yourself. When thinking about your goals, make a list. Making lists will help you organize your thoughts. Write out everything you can think of…then narrow it down to the most important and most doable for this coming new year. Make these resolutions for your own self-improvement! Lastly, paste them somewhere visible for the New Year as a reminder.

3) Spend Time Outside & With Nature.

Walk around your favorite park, go for a hike, go to the beach, or simply step out in your backyard. No need to do anything vigorous, just be with nature and breathe. But of course, if the weather isn’t permitting then just let the natural light in through your windows. Look outside and be present. Light the fireplace, sit down and give your mind a break. The main point of this is to breathe and notice the life within you. Being surrounded by nature and taking notice of it helps many of us relax and reminds us that we are alive. Try to take that step back from your daily responsibilities and remember that…for you are NOT a robot or a machine. You are human and part of nature. Sit down, relax, and get back to your roots.

Remember to be kind to yourself and your body.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and a great New Year!

Yours Truly,

Michele Datu

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Michele Datu
Michele is a content writer for The Wellness Institute (Wellness-Spring). She graduated from UC Berkeley in the Spring of 2018, and holds a bachelor's degree in English. While attending UC Berkeley, Michele created a project titled: "From a letter to" which is a collection of stories and photos to express her love and passion for writing and photography. Michele believes that incorporating holistic habits in one's lifestyle is important. During her first year in college, Michele took a health class about alternative medicine and holistic health. This class opened her mind because it focused on the importance of listening to our body. She learned that even though medication and drugs can minimize pain, physically or mentally, sometimes the problem has a deeper root that needs special attention.