Did you know that your thoughts, feelings and beliefs are powerful? You are what you THINK, FEEL and BELIEVE.

Have you heard of the term “manifesting”?
If you are thinking, speaking, or focusing on something, then you are manifesting. When you convert your thoughts into mental images, it manifests in the physical world. While mental obstacles can prevent us from manifesting, there are ways to get rid of these stumbling blocks. A proven way is through the process of guided imagery and visualization which uses your thoughts to imagine and attract what you want.

What is the subconscious mind?
It is where the non-physical dimension of the human experience lives. It includes our emotions, ideas, and dreams. When we are going about our day, (i.e., working, exercising, running errands), we are engaged in our conscious mind….so we are unaware that the subconscious mind is just beneath the surface.

Here are 2 examples how the subconscious mind works:

1) Let’s say you want financial abundance, but you’re always complaining that you don’t have enough money. For as long as you’re feeling this way, you will attract an unwanted reality, which is the exact opposite of what you desire: NO MONEY. Since you are vibrating an energy from a place of lack, the financial abundance you seek will not manifest.

One way to manifest abundance is to look in areas of your life where you already feel abundant. Are you able to eat 3 meals a day? Are you blessed with a loving family and great friends? If yes, then focus on the positive aspects of your life, and be grateful. When you are grateful, you radiate positive energy. Your will attract resources, connections, and opportunities that will help you achieve your goal.

My Mom in May 2003 with her 3 grandchildren. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in March 2003.

2) One of our relatives was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer. She wanted to be healed, but she was terrified about the treatment process which included chemotherapy. Unfortunately, she was scared and upset all of the time. When you have negative feelings, your subconscious will act upon your fears and doubts. Our relative wasn’t able to recover as the cancer had spread to other parts of her body. She died within a year.

My Mom was diagnosed with aggressive Stage 2 breast cancer back in 2003. She was consciously praying for her fast recovery. She underwent a mastectomy of her left breast, went through chemotherapy, and lost her hair. Inspite of all this, my Mom had a very positive attitude and was subconsciously thinking that she will be healed. Just one month before my Mom’s mastectomy, my sister had given birth to her second child. While my Mom was in treatment, she focused on her blessings, and insisted that she take care of my sister’s baby boy. It kept my Mom active and positive because she is very maternal AND loves her grandkids. Friends and family couldn’t tell that my Mom was going through treatment because she looked great. She wore a wig, she looked so stylish, and was still very active.

After several chemotherapy treatments, she did not need radiation. She recovered very quickly….we were overjoyed that she was able to beat cancer. My Mom has has now been cancer free for 15 years. She is proof that the energy you radiate is a projection of your own perception of yourself. The events in your life are extensions of what is inside your subconscious mind. Your thoughts are energy. Your thoughts, feelings and beliefs create your reality.

If you don’t like your current circumstances, you need to reprogram your subconscious mind. For more information about how guided imagery and visualization can help you change your behavior and release self-limiting beliefs that no longer serve you, please call us at (661) 755-7682 or email us at: info@the-wellness-institute.com

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Edna Dimataga-Fernandez
Edna Dimataga-Fernandez founded The Wellness Institute in 2013. The company utilizes a holistic model of wellness consulting focusing on the 6 dimensions of organizational well-being: physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual & financial health. The Wellness Institute provides holistic health assessments, corporate well-being workshops & wellness consultations with holistic health practitioners. Wellness-Spring, the company’s holistic health store, sells organic & non-toxic health & beauty products. A portion of the proceeds is donated back to causes that support women, children, health, wellness & education. She has worked & consulted for companies in the insurance & financial services industry, the medical & behavioral health field and the non-profit sector. Edna holds a B.A. in Economics from UCLA and an MBA from Keller Graduate School of Management. She is a Past President (2010-11) of the National Association of Insurance & Financial Advisors - Los Angeles Chapter and is an approved Continuing Education Provider for the California Department of Insurance.