Some degree of memory impairment is an ordinary consequence of aging. Brain chemicals that facilitate memory storage and retrieval declines. In our last blog, we provided nutrition tips to help prevent memory impairment. This included consuming plenty of nutrients for optimal brain function, eliminating toxins/chemicals, and taking herbal/homeopathic remedies.

If you missed last week’s blog, you can check it out here: HERE

Our focus this week is about training the brain to slow the process of age-related mental decline. Activities that boost memory recall include:

• Playing chess & card games

• Reading newspapers & books

• Doing crossword puzzles

• Taking educational courses to enhance your knowledge

Did you know that memory problems can be curtailed with memory-training exercises? Research shows that the ability to remember things can be increased by doing memory exercises for only 15 minutes each day. Mnemonics is a tool to help remember facts or a large amount of information. Back in 1967, a study by American professor, Gerald R. Miller, showed that mnemonics increased recall. He found that students who regularly used mnemonic devices increased test scores up to 77%.

Check out these brain training tips:

· Match Words with Places

To remember a sequential list of facts, associate each item with a location in your home or on your street. Take a mental tour of the places you’ve identified and the facts associated with each one in the prescribed order.

· Memorize Clusters

To remember numerical data, such as phone numbers, memorize the clusters and assign an image (i.e., object) to each one.

· Repeat names immediately

To remember someone’s name, repeat it right away. For instance, when you’re introduced to Steve, say, “Hello, Steve.”

· Compose mental pictures

This can help you recall crucial information. Close your eyes and connect a familiar image with the person, place or thing you wish to recollect.

If you would like to maintain excellent cognitive health, the important thing is to remain mentally active.

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