integrative-health-servicesOur goal is to provide you with health and wellness tools and resources that focus on the whole person.

  • Holistic Health Seminars 
    Focused on nutrition, exercise, stress reduction and disease prevention.
  • Company Wellness Programs
    Focused on leadership, interpersonal communication, mindfulness, motivation, teamwork, workplace interaction.
  • Provider Directory
    Our directory will be available in 2017 and will include high quality medical and wellness professionals that practice:
    * Naturopathic Medicine   * Chiropractic Medicine  * Osteopathic Medicine
    * Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine   * Homeopathic Medicine   * Holistic Nutrition
    * Alternative Medicine   * Integrative Medicine   * Functional Medicine
  • Wellness Store
    The Wellness Institute believes in promoting holistic wellness from the “inside out”.  We created Wellness-Spring, a “health, beauty & wellness” store which offers safe and healthy products including supplements, skincare, make-up, hair and body care.   Please visit our online store:  wellness-spring.org
  • Videos, Podcasts and Webinars 
    We provide wellness education resources including videos, podcasts and webinars focused on a holistic health approach (connection of mind, body, and spirit).
  • Financial Wellness Assessments
    Studies have continually shown that financial stress negatively impacts our health. We offer Financial Wellness Assessments which provide financial advice geared towards savings and investment strategies, reducing debt, planning for retirement, and managing financial issues.  Click here to download the Financial Wellness flyer.
  • Leadership & Organization Consulting
    We practice a “holistic approach” to consulting in order to provide sound advice. We assess the needs of the whole organization so that we can develop customized solutions. Some of our clients include healthcare organizations, behavioral health companies, and non-profit organizations.


For more information, please contact us:
The Wellness Institute
Phone: (818) 730-8366




Visit our holistic health & wellness store at: www.wellness-spring.org. A portion of the proceeds is donated to causes that support women, children, health, wellness & education.




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